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The policy of this hotel indicates that the age of the children must be between  1 and  11.99 years


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About  Hostal La Habanera

The hotel is located in a privileged position in the historic center of Baracoa Town. Offers accommodation and restaurant services.

Rooms: 10

Restaurants and bars: 1 Restaurant and 1 Snack-Bar.

Carretera de Macizo montañoso Sagua-Baracoa, Baracoa, Guantánamo

La Farola Viaduct

La Farola is a viaduct connecting the city of Baracoa, first village in Cuba, with the rest of the cities crossing from South to North of the mountain massif of Sagua-Baracoa. The viaduct is hosted in the air at 450 meters above the sea level and it has a length of 6 kilometers which go all over the La Farola Mountain. After 20 months of construction, it ended up being opened in 1965. The scenic road has 11 bridges suspended over the abyss and is listed as one of the seven wonders of Cuban architecture. For the difficulty of its construction and the important function it fulfills by connecting and integrating with the rest of the island the city of Baracoa. Because of this, it has been declared as one of the 7 wonders of the Cuban civil engineering.

Ave Los Mártires y Malecón, Baracoa

Fuerte de la Punta

Baracoa's third fortress, Fuerte de la Punta, was built in 1803 on a spit of land over the entrance to the bay. During the pseudorepublic it housed a radio telegraph office. The fortress now contains the Restaurante La Punta.

Consejo Popular Mata-Guandao, Baracoa, Guantánamo

Boca de Yumurí

Boca de Yumurí will surprise you for the beauty of the environment which surround the green spot. The beautiful area of Yumurí captivates everyone who visits it, inviting to make a short trip towards the little Almendras Island, between the canyon of the Yumuri Rivers. The Yumurí Canyon occupies an extension of 8,7 square kilometers of forests and is characterized by fresh and transparent waters. This place is a true paradise for the flora and the fauna, among which stand out the existence of more than 60 types of birds. Considered the speleology eden, it is a place taken good care of by scientists and inhabitants.


The Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum

Around Baracoa are several dozen pre-Columbian archaeological sites related to the two major indigenous groups that once inhabited the region. It is a marvellous facility for lovers of history and archaeology, situated in a colonial ambiance on the second terrace of Seboruco, known as Paradise Heights. The area in which it is located is rich in remains of our first population. The Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum contains a copy of the Taíno tobacco idol found nearby in 1903 (the original is in Havana).

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Hostal La Habanera Baracoa , cuba


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